Re: Annual DGZ Meeting 2022

Due to the still prevailing Corona crisis (I guess), the DGZ has decided to cancel this years´s Annual in personam Meeting again. Thus, the Werner-Risau-Prize will be awarded as before within the settings of a special webinar that is scheduled towards the end of this year. The exact date for this event has still to be announced. So stay tuned!


Werner Risau Prize 2022 - Mind the date!

The application form for the next 2022 Werner Risau Prize award is now ready to be downloaded (see download section). Right now it is not clear when and where it will be awarded and in which format, but it IS available and it WILL BE handed over! Just to make it clear!
It has developed a strong reputation during its history and is still going strong, now into it´s 23rd year. Please, dare to apply, if you have an appealing study just published or in press, and which you are prepared to present to an international audience of dedicated cell biologists - either virtually or in persona. It is definitely worth it! If you are still hesitant - just try to google where some of the previous Werner Risau Prize winners are now advancing their career....
But remember: The application deadline is July 31, 2022! So prepare your paperwork and send it in ASAP!