The application deadline has been extended to AUGUST 31! So there still is ample time to get your application ready - just in case if you were feeling undecided until now. It definitely is worth the little effort that you will have to put into it! The exact date, when the award ceremony will take place is not entirely clear yet, however, the DGZ will probably set it to a date in November.

Deadline for the 2023 Werner Risau Prize Award

The application deadline has been set to the end of this month to July 31, 2023! So, prepare your paperwork and send it in ASAP! And most importantly: Dare to apply with the study that you are so proud of - there is nothing left to loose….

THE ENDING of the Werner Risau Prize!


Sad as it is for some of us, the majority of the Werner Risau Prize committee has come to the decision to award the prestigious Werner Risau Prize this year (2023) for the last time. Werner would have turned 70 this year and we are also commemorating the 25th anniversary of his death. In a way this marks a point in the history of this prize which allows for decent and worthy conclusion of the WRP. This was also important to Werner's wife and his family, who always had actively and with many emotions accompanied the awarding ceremony - the evening dinner for the winner, with Werner's family and members of the prize committee has always been an highlight of the WRP! - and they wished to draw a line now, which we as members of the prize committee fully understand and respect.

As for this year's WRP: Get your stuff together and send it in to the same address as last year!

And please, stay tuned - there will be another update on the 2023 WRP deadline following soon!