Deadline for Application: Extended (!) to July 14,  2019
please send applications to:

Upon receipt of the applications, the prize committee, which currently consists of 13 members, will evaluate the quality of the individual applications. Qualified articles will be ranked according to the marks they receive. The contribution with the highest marks will be selected as the winning article. The winner will be notified by the president of the Werner Risau Prize Committee. Current members of the prize committee are disqualified from participating in this contest.

The awarding ceremony for the next winner of the Werner Risau Prize will take place during the

Fall Conference on Age-Related Human Diseases / Special Focus: Autophagy
of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM)
German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)
September 25-27, Tübingen, Germany

The Prize winner will be invited to attend the International Meeting of the DGZ. Registration fees, hotel accommodation and Speaker´s Dinner will be covered by the Werner Risau Prize Committee; travel costs will be covered up to an amount of 750 €. The winner will be asked to present his or her work to the attendees of the annual DGZ meeting.

The homepage of the DGZ
The homepage of the next meeting: GBM/DGZ2019-Tübingen